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April 14, 2011

I'd Buy That...As a Tee! Volume 5 by Jeff Bond

Spring has sprung and I could use a few new unique t-shirts to really make a statement without saying a word. A statement like "I'm a geek that doesn't take much of anything seriously...I'm approachable and easily abused."

Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the (my favoritest and most user friendly t-shirt contribution site) voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

In 'Gorilla For Sale', 'Magilla Gorilla' get's a realistic make over. How much is that Gorilla in the window...may I ask?

'A Robot's Holiday' is a simple mechanical design! Friendly little robot playing with some robot Christmas gifts perhaps? Love it on a yellow Tee!

***Click 'READ MORE' below for more tee-rific tees!***

What's this? What's this?.......'In Memoriam M. Jackson' pays tribute to 2 of my favorite dead guys. Michael Jackson....and Jack Skellington! One hell of a mash-up!

Old timey 'Star Wars' & 'Gremlins'  fun with this piece entitles 'A (Very) Long Time Ago'. I must have figure versions of all 3 of these little guys! (Yoda, Wicket, Gizmo)

'No More Licks' will have to be seen after the jump to be believed! Definitely my favoritest of the week. Don't let the illusion photo below betray you! "Mr. Owl, how many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootise Pop? Ummm uh-1...uh-2.....(!)

No More Licks - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

'The Pandnisher' sparks fear in the hearts of evil-doers...I guess

'Wild West' features a futuristic law man of future's past. Whether he's a law-enforcer or Law-breaker is anyones guess...but, I like his gunslinging style!

Just in time for Easter, comes this sweet 'Star Wars' spoof, 'Frozen In Chocolate'. Bunny versions of Princess Leia and Chewbacca look on in angst as their fallen hero...the hare version of Han Solo, is displayed in a coma-like state in layers of chocolaty goodness.

'Spider-Pig' inspired, most likely, by the, now infamous, 'Simpsons' movie scene in which Homer has his fun with a little porker pal. "Spider-Pig...Spider-Pig.....does whatever a....Spider....pig......does!"

Finally this week, 'Go Go Gadget Noir' took advantage of's 'Threadless Loves Noir' competition to spotlight the bumbling mechanical detective Inspector Gadget! We'll get you next time T-shirt! Nexxxxxt tiiiiiiiiime!

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