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April 14, 2011

Draw2D2 Is Back With A New Mash-Up Theme: The Office Meets The Avengers

For those of you guys who missed my last post about the awesome art blog Draw2D2, its time to get familiar. The site has a group of 10 artists that all submit creations of two mashed up fictional properties. They gradually release each artist's renditions, and the the public votes for their favorites. After two weeks they start the process all over again with a new mash-up... this blog is great!

Last time it was King Kong & The Iron Giant, and this time its the wonderful TV show The Office mashed up with The Mighty Avengers. Here is my favorite from the bunch, a cool drawing of Dwight (Rainn Wilson) in the reflection of Ultron's helmet. This one is great:

That one was my fave, but the rest are wonderful as well. Make sure you visit Draw2D2 and see the rest of the choices.... then vote and leave comments. Tell em CCD sent ya!!! Next time the guys will be mashing up Edgar Rice Burrough's viscious martian warlord Tars Tarkas with the Pixar universe. I can't wait....

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