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April 6, 2011

Hey Guys, Please Stop Feeling Bad For Famous People Who Don't Care About Themselves

So yesterday would have been Kurt Cobain's birthday, and that means that I had to endure 100's of people polluting Facebook & Twitter with loads of "R.I.P. Kurt" posts. Grrrr... this shit makes me so mad. Why? Because Kurt Cobain was a pussy that shot himself in the face rather than deal with the problems he had. Am I wrong? He didn't die of cancer, or get hit by a truck... no one is making light of his drug addiction or depression... I'm merely stating facts. The dude was in a band. How many bands are out there trying to make it right now? This dude cracks the .01% of bands that actually makes it. Not only that, but he becomes the top of the tops... and then he kills himself? Fuck him... and fuck you to if that offends you.

Great musician... and a coward
Look, I like Nirvana as much as the next guy. I was in High School during the mid 90's, so I can identify with their music and the time period more then anyone. But why should I waste my time feeling bad that someone is no longer here when he didn't even want to be here anymore? I don't feel bad for him... I feel bad for his family, especially his daughter who had to grow up with no dad because he was to proud to get the help he needed to cope with his problems. He could have afforded the best therapy & drug counseling money could buy... but instead he chose a gun in the mouth. That shouldn't be mourned... it should be denounced.

But this is just another case of us regular people feeling bad for celebs... I see this all the time, and it kills me. Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rhianna, who is probably the biggest female pop star on the planet right now, and got zero jail time. ZERO.

Fuck Chris Brown
And he gets mad when people want to ask him questions about it. And people feel sympathy for this cock sucker. Rosie O'Donnell spoke out on the subject yesterday, stating that she thinks Brown catches a bad decision in the public eye because he is black. Bullshit. He committed a heinous crime. He beat a woman. Not only that, a famous woman. And nothing happened. Yet his album debuted at #1 the week it was released. Yeah, he is really suffering. Get the fuck outta here.

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent - Bronx Tale

Then you get the rest of these jack-offs who are all junked out and want sympathy. Fuck you. DJ AM was making 20,000 bucks a night to spin records and survived a FUCKING PLANE CRASH... then went back on drugs an overdosed. Feel bad for him? Fuck him. With chances like that in life, he should be grateful and try harder to fix his problems. And don't even get me started on Lindsey Lohan.... she was basically printing money and  getting any roles she wanted, and yet she couldn't stop partying. That's on her. Feel bad for her? Nope... I hope she does fucking die. Oh wait, I take that back... then I would have to read more of these fucking posts about how bad it is that she died. It should be a holiday.

Does This Look Like A Guy Who Cares What You Think?

Then you got Charlie Sheen. I got NO PROBLEM with Charlie Sheen. Why? Because he is a junkie and doesn't care who knows it. He DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK. He likes to fuck porn stars and do drugs... and he has been doing it for years. Did he ever make excuses for his problems? Nope... not that I recall. But the public tries to play it off as no big deal. He basically was the biggest problem in Hollywood for 15+ years, and his reward was a sitcom that he turned into a #1 show. He has made his network and co-stars BILLIONS. And he shows up to work... but he likes to do drugs and fuck strippers. People don't like that... well, stop giving this guy chances. I can deal with Sheen because he doesn't want your sympathy if he dies.... he probably would want you to fuck some chicks and party instead of updating your status in his honor.

We'll Always Love Big Poppa!!!
So what is the point of this rant? Save the R.I.P. statuses for legends who pass on from disease to young like Gilda Radner, or are a victim of violence like John Lennon or Biggie. Ones who are taken from us to soon like Lou Gehrig, Stanley Kubrick, James Dean  & Peter Sellers. Or better yet, how about the tons of people in our own lives that are gone way to soon. I lost my sister at 25 years old to cancer... fuck these dirtbag junkies ruining what is already a charmed life. That's a real tragedy. There is a big difference between TRAGEDY & BAD DECISION MAKING. Stop confusing the two as the same thing.


  1. The best CCD post, EVER!

    Mike, I could not agree with you more. You have said it all, and said it without any argument from me.

  2. This shit is on point!!!!!!! Love it

  3. Don't get me started on the lengths that people will go to forgiving the indescretions of celebrities. They will always cut more slack to someone they don't know who is on TV than they ever will give to a loved one. All that bad behavior only encourages kids to act the same way when you get further in life than you ever do by acting in the proper way.

  4. Dude, I got here via the A to Z challenge but I love this post more than your 'e' post which is what I was coming over here to read. You are definitely going on my Got to Read list!

  5. Thanks for the support guys... love to hear your opinions!!!!!

  6. You make some strong points.
    Here visiting from teh A~Z Challenge

  7. I am of the opinion that NONE of these celebrities should be getting the RIP notes on facebook. We didn't know them! I love the music of many listed above: Cobain, Lennon, Biggie etc. They were incredible musicians (?). I just don't think that any of them should be mourned the way they are. I mean, were any of them exemplary human beings. Drug use, infidelity, drug selling and many other things are present here.
    This is what I will say... it sucks that Biggie, Cobain, Lennon, Tupac, Belushi, Radner, Farley, Staley, Joplin, Hendrix, Monroe and MANY others died when they did, no matter how it happened, because of the things that any of them could have done. I do not admire any of these people though... I admire what they did for their specific fields of entertainment.

  8. Agree with most of what you said.

    I don't feel bad for guys like Charlie Sheen. The guy's a douche that's ruining/ruined the lives of his family. He's got two ex-wives, another that's filed for divorce, and four kids. I don't care if someone's a partier, as long as they show up for life, all is cool. He hasn't shown up for his family in years, if ever. Remember in college when you first heard that you could party, sleep, and study, but you could only do two successfully. It's obvious that he worked and partied a lot harder than he managed his family life. Sorry I'm ranting, it aggravates me to see someone given everything, only so they believe they can piss it away.

    I can understand Kurt Cobain chewing on some lead. Hell, the thought of being married to Courtney Love makes me want to do it too. (Actually, I dated a Christina Love. I realized that she was lucky to have that last name because she'll never experience love in any other form.) I don't feel sorry for him though. As you said, he was a pussy that couldn't face life. Do you remember Celebrity Death Match? They had an episode where zombies ran amok (That show was ahead, of or behind the times. Depending on your perspective.) Remember when one of the zombies grabbed the shotgun one of the announcers were using to shoot the zombies. I didn't know who it was until it shot itself. Laughed my butt off when I realized it was Cobain.

    Rosie O'Donnell probably said what she did to feel relevant again. I didn't even know that she was still alive.

    I was in Plattsburgh when I heard about Freddie Mercury dying of aids. Then the next day, my birthday, I didn't feel like partying because he was gone. He was one of my favorite musicians. He's the guy that taught me that being straight, gay, or bi didn't matter. What mattered was what kind of person you were. On my birthday, Magic Johnson comes out that he has aids. Freddie was forgotten. He might have been bi, but he never cheated on whomever he was seeing, and he had both genders to choose from. Johnson admitted to cheating on his wife hundreds, if not thousands, of times. And people felt sorry for him?! how could anyone feel sorry for Magic, yet forget about Freddie. I never thought I would say this: Thank God that the music industry showed some courage in honoring him.

    Last thing. It's great that we showcase someone that has fallen, and then picked themselves back up. But how come we don't celebrate people that kept their lives together to begin with?

    Man, love this site. I might not always agree with your opinion, but I'm so freakin' happy that you express it without any reservations.

  9. I rememebr when D.J. AM died, it was the same day day the new Final Destination movie came out. Coincidence?! I think not.