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April 8, 2011

CCD Invades The Quentin vs. Coen Art Show!!!

I am a huge supporter of fan art, or art that is inspired by and features different takes on characters from an existing piece of work. Spoke Art is sponsoring a wonderful exhibit of fan art featuring the characters of Quentin Tarantino & The Coen Brother's movies at the Bold Hype Gallery... and boy is it a hell of good exhibit! The show runs from April 7th-April 9th, features over 100 artists, and they are serving White Russians free of charge... The Dude Abides!!!!

My good friend and awesome artist Tommy Lombardozzi  accompanied me to the exhibit, and we had a great time. Here we are in front of the centerpiece of the show, The Dude & Jules by artist Greg Gossel:

***Click Read more below to see my favorite pieces from the show***

Here are a few of the pieces that stood out for me... not the best per se, but some great stuff that I liked the most. Enjoy:

Inglourious by Brandon Schaefer

Replica Air Gun (No Country For Old Men)

Tessa Morrison's Ball & Chain (Kill Bill)

Mr. Wolf (Pulp Fiction)

True Grit x Kill Bill by Steve Seeley

Shoshana by Gene Guynn (Inglourious Basterds)

Marshal, Ms. Driver & Cyclops


  1. Looks like it's an awesome show, too bad it's only open for such a short time. Love, love, love the 'Shoshana' piece!

  2. Briana, it was really good... and it sure does suck that it's only open for a few hours today and tomorrow (day hours , too! Useless for the working folk!)

  3. I love fan art too...and I am particularly fond of the Dude.