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March 4, 2011

Wow... I got F&^ked Up Last Night!!!

I got destroyed last night.... wow. I didn't even see it coming. I had a few beers, a couple of shots, and then a game of flip cup broke out. Wow... wow. This is why I haven't posted anything today. Sorry for the lateness. I'll make it up to you guys. Later.


  1. I wouldn't exactly say you haven't posted ANYTHING. I posted a few spontaneous things in your absence that people seem to be digging but, rest up! Your allowed a night of partying and day of rest every once in awhile.

    That's how you know your....


  2. I did say "I" Jeff... not "we". Guilty concience about not posting enough? LOl... thanks as always.

  3. When you say 'I' your speaking for the 2-headed purple monster that gets things done. there's no 'i' in team!