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March 4, 2011


Entertainment Weekly has the scoop this week with the first full on shot of Steve Rogers' nemesis from the upcoming 'Captain America: The First Avenger' that will appear in it's most recent magazine issue. The disfigured 'Red Skull' is, of course, being played sinisterly by 'Matrix' trilogy veteran Hugo Weaving countering Chris Evans' patriotic 'Captain America'. How did 'Hollywood' do this time in recreating the infamous Marvel icon? Tell us in the comment section provided below. 


  1. I wouldn't be able to speak for the continuity of the characters look as compared to the character in the comics...but, I LOVE the way everything turned out here. The skull make up itself is fit snug to Hugo's head so it looks like it's part of him and not just a campy oversized movie mask. The costume is perfect. Imperial, stylish, evil, sinsiter, just plain perfect for the lead villain. Even more perfect a fit, I'd say than the Captain's costume.

  2. So, here is what I think. Love the mask. Realistic but spooky and scary without being goofy. He looks like that is his face. Reminds me a bit of the Sam character from Trick or Treat. I am also a fan of the outfit. Looks good. Love the Hydra belt buckle... very nice touch.

    I like the explanation that Joe Johnston gives for the Red Skull. He says that Weaving undergoes a similiar "Super Soldier" test that Cap does, and it turns him into a monster because its a reflection of his horrible inner thoughts and demons.

    I have high hopes for this one. I was a little scared on how he would turn out in the mask, but now I'm good. Can't wait to see this.

  3. This single shot looks good, but then again so did the first shot of Captain America and everything since has been... questionable.