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March 15, 2011

Who Wants To See A Minor Celeb Nude? I Know I Do!!!

Renee Olstead seems to have been the latest celeb victim to have her private pictures leaked all over the Internet... and these definitely seem to not have been leaked on purpose. Wait... who the fuck is Renee Olstead? Oh who cares... we got nudie shots here kid!!! On a serious note, Olstead is a country music singer and co-stars on ABC Families 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'. Guess I can figure out what those teenagers are actually doing in their secret time, huh... yowzer!!!

First let me start by saying that although she plays a teen on TV she is 21. The sheer amount of photos and how they seem to encompass a varied period of time are what make me think of this as a hack and not a deliberate leak. Tila Tequila's leaked sex tape was so blatantly leaked... but these seem to be candid shots over a period of time when Renee goes through different hairstyles & colors, and also gets her nips pierced! These pics got it all: Nipple Tassles, Dildo's and Iphone Cams, Oh My!!! These are amazing, and if the are posted on Warming Glow  then they are good enough for me. Not to mention my current obsession with Gingers... well played Vince!

***You can click Read more below to see all the nudie pics of Renee Olstead you can handle***