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March 28, 2011

Who Wants To Come To A Screening Of James Gunn's 'Super' With Us On 3/30/2011?

Usually whenever I get preview opportunities here at CCD I take along my partner in crime Jeff Bond for the ride. If he can't make it, I usually offer it to someone else from the supporting crew... but this is a rare occasion. I am attending a screening for James Gunn's 'Super' alongside Jeff, but we got an extra ticket... so who wants to come with us?

OK, here are the rules. First of all, the screening is on Wed. March 30th. Second of all, it's in Downtown Brooklyn (secret location). Third, you must be at the location by 6:45 pm. If you can't fulfill all three of those requirements, don't even bother responding to the following question. But if you can do all three of the above, answer me this:

If you were going to take on the persona of a Superhero, tell us what your theme would be. Describe your costume, weapons/tools, and overall back story of your character in the comment section below. This is in the vein of 'Super', so your hero must have NO SUPERPOWERS... think more like a Batman type, not a Superman type. Tell me your story in the comment section below and you must be a follower of the blog to win. I declare the winner Tuesday right here on CCD. Lets what you guys got.

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