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March 25, 2011

Two T-Shirts That I Have To Buy ASAP!!!

Jeff killed it the other day with his T-shirt post... but I found these two puppies in my travels and had to share with my fellow geeks out there.

First up, and offering for all the Star Wars nerds... this one is great. It sure is gonna get hot on Wednesday!!! It comes from Snorg T's and it is called '5 Day Forecast':

It's on sale right now for $14.95, so hustle up!!!

Next up, we go something for the Horror Hounds out there. This one comes from Split Reason and is called 'Boomstick!'. It will run you $19.95, but will come in handy should you run into any Candarian Demons at the supermarket. Hey, you never know. It happened to Ash.... 3 TIMES!!!!

Make sure you get these quick, they won't be around forever (Click links above to order)

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