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March 16, 2011

OHC of the Day: Rose Byrne

Most actresses are hoping by the time they are 31 they will be a household name... but this is a new era of Hollywood, and according to Jay-Z 30 is the new 20... if that is true, then Rose Byrne is right where she needs to be. To be fair, most of you guys have seen Rose on the big screen. She has been in a ton of shit. She played a small part as Padme's handmaiden in 'Attack of the Clones', she was in big budget flicks like 'Troy' & 'Knowing', was in Indie fare like Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette', and is one of Danny Boyle's go-to actresses having appeared in 'Sunshine' & '28 Weeks Later'. She has also been starring opposite Glenn Close on FX's 'Damages', which I have never watched but is always raved about by everyone who does. So her resume is deep. Yet most of you will only be able to recognize her as Aldous Snow's baby mama Jackie Q in 'Get Him To The Greek'. That  is all about to change. She is starring in James Wan's (The creator of the 'Saw' franchise) new horror flick 'Insidious', then she is in the all star, all girl comedy 'Bridesmaids' opposite Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph, and the she finishes off the trifecta by portraying Moira McTaggert in Matthew Vaughn's 'X-Men: First Class'. Let's see if you can't match a name to this beautifyl face after those three roles. I don't think that will be the case. Congrats Rose, success has been a long time coming.

***Please click Read more below for more pics of the lovely Ms. Byrne***

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  1. Mike, you killed it this week with this OHC. She is beautiful. One of my favorites. Keep it up.