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March 9, 2011

OHC of the Day: Natalie Zea

OHC of the Day... hmmm, these have become quite popular here at CCD. But honestly, I started the column to highlight beautiful actresses who you probably do not know of, yet are poised for a breakout. For the most part they are younger and just breaking into the business but, with toady's choice that is not the case. No, Ms. Zea has been working in the business for years. A couple of small movie roles ('Boys Don't Cry', 'The Other Guys') throughout the years, a couple of guest starring spots on very successful TV shows (FX's 'The Shield', HBO's 'Hung', NBC's 'Passions'), and even a lead role in a promising but short lived series ('Dirty Sexy Money'... this one is on Netflix Instant, check it out!!!). But she has never fully crossed over the edge to recognition. Then FX came calling again, this time for the female lead on 'Justified' opposite Timothy Olyphant... and bam!!! she is on top of the world! (Thank god to, since Natalie has an aversion to bras which we (and the rest of you guys who love nipple shots) love. The show is a critical success, and is doing gangbusters in the ratings department. So it looks like you should all start to pay some attention to Ms. Zea. She has an upcoming supernatural-tinged big screen release entitled 'InSight' coming out in 2011, and the 2nd season of 'Justified' is moving full speed ahead right now on FX. I will be tuning in for both, as should you. Good luck Natalie... see you at the top shortly.

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