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March 15, 2011

Conan The Rebootian by Rob Martin

Seems we’ll never get that 3rd Conan movie. The 2nd one leaves much to be desired, but that first one is true badassery. Who doesn’t love Arnold in the role? It was rumored for a while in the late 80’s as 'Conan The Conqueror', but that fell apart and later got repackaged as a Kevin Sorbo vehicle 'Kull The Conqueror'. The there were rumors abound in the early 2000’s that the Wachowski Bros. were to take it on as 'King Conan: Crown of Iron'. HOLY CRAP that sounded cool, but alas.

So we now have the inevitable reboot. Starring a former 'Baywatch' hunk (did I just say the word hunk)…

Not much to be seen here to really judge but, just from a teaser standpoint that was pretty lame. The VO, the smoke and of course the 3-D tag at the end. Blech!

Needless to say, not that excited for this one. Jason Momoa just doesn’t feel right, and it’s not really anything against him. He’s also starring in the upcoming 'Game of Thrones' adaptation on HBO as Khal Drogo, and I think he looks great there. But I don’t know, maybe I just love me some Arnold too too much. (no such thing!)

The movie also stars Ron Perlman, who we of course love, Stephen Lang from 'Avatar' and Rose McGowan. Who also may or may not be in a 'Red Sonja' movie, but she’s not playing her in this movie…I don’t know.

I would much rather see this as a feature…


  1. How dare they reboot an Arnold movie! I will NOT see this movie! Boooooooooo!

    I have heard that the Game of Thrones series is unbelievable. And I have added this to the list of books that I have to read at some point. The only thing is that I want to read the series before I see the show! But I guess I'll just be behind on another TV show. Booooooo again!

  2. Welcome aboard, Rob!

    Great to have your insight on the blog.

  3. I was appalled when I saw this trailer. Bah.

  4. The first season is supposed to cover just the first book more or less, so if you could read that one before the show you'd be good. Though even that is a tall order as the books are upwards of a 1000 pages at times. Well worth it though.