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March 24, 2011

The Captain America Trailer Is Finally Here...

... and boy is it chock full of material for us nerds to rip apart. First, lets see the trailer:

OK... now lets check out the good, the bad, and the weird!!!

The Good:
  • I like the 40's look to the whole trailer. They are getting the "feel" of it right.
  • I am a fan of the shrimpy version of Chris Evans/Steve Rodgers... I had wondered how they were going to pull this off since I know Evans buffed up for the role of Cap, and it looks like they used some 'Benjamin Button' style movie magic to achieve the effect. He is even mad short... great!
  • The cast looks phenomenal, especially Tommy Lee Jones & Stanley Tucci. 
  • I am feeling the Red Skull... you only get a small glimpse in this trailer, but we have seen what our boy Hugo Weaving will look like already and its perfect.
  •  Hayley Atwell... meow!!!
The Bad:
  • To many quick cuts... nothing will sabotage the 40's feel of this movie more then some Michael Bay-esque quick cuts.
  • What's up with Cap walking in busting a 9mm pistol while the rest of his crew sprays the place up with machine guns? That's just dumb, no?
  • Why is that dude wearing those dark ass shades inside? Silly...
  • I can't stand that they make Evans' do his best Edward Norton "Hulk Eyes" right as the Super Soldier medicine kicks in... this was definitely in Norton's Hulk movie, no?
  • After they show Evans' all bulked up, I don't like that they went back to shrimpy Evans' for the final scene... just to get a laugh. The last image I should have is him all rough & rugged.
The Weird:
  • Where was Bucky at? I didn't peep him.
  • Why no extended (aka more then 2 seconds) fight scenes? That leads me to believe they are still working on post production... god, I hope they get this right!
  • If you HAVE to include the shield toss in the trailer, at least have Cap toss it AT SOMEONE!!! Down an empty hall... really?
  • I am a bit confused. In 'Iron Man 2', they show Tony Stark with a prototype of Cap's shield on his work table. Now we see the indestructible shield back in 1940. Is it the same? Will Cap in the future have Tony's version of his shield? Weird, no?
All in all, not bad... could have been better, I would have liked more actual action instead of shots of Cap and the Howling Commandos charging & firing off screen. But that's just me. My interests are peaked... how 'bout yours? Tell us in the comment section below.


  1. Hes carrying a shield in one hand so the 9 as opposed to a machine gun that would require two hands makes perfect sense. I assume the stark shield is just a more advanced shield(although im not sure how much more advanced you can get then what I assume hell have in this one. Hmmmm... maybe its a booby trapped shield and well have some avenger on avenger beef then they come together to fight a greater evil or maybe hes just trying to reverse engineer the tech. Tony does have a long history of beefing with other superheroes if my memory serves me. Okay im thinking too much about a tiny issue. I wouldnt have notived the hulk eyes unless you ppointed them out, but lolled when I saw them because you did. My interest level was pretty low prior to this trailer and still is below my interest in thor but at least its "piqued" a bit now.

  2. That rambling incoherent comment was from me, I just forgot to check who was signed in on this comp. Carry on.

  3. @ Deidra... Well Thank You Very MUCH!!! We are flattered and happily accept!!!

    @ Owen- I get the practicality of the handgun... just made him seem weaker. Your right about Stark being at odds with other heroes, especially Cap. I agree, i am more excited to see Thor. We shall see.

  4. I think that slow motion part is the may be the highlight of the trailer. And I thought the complete opposite, it made him seem stronger. Like all he needs is that. It also falls nicely in aesthetically with the current Bucky comic version of Cap.

  5. I haven't read Captain America in years, but I remember him using a Colt M1911 .45 caliber most of the time. The Super Soldier Serum not only improved his strength, but his reflexes as well, so he could do in a few shots, what others could do in dozens of shots.

    Also, if you look at the "soldiers" breaking in with him, they look like French resistance fighters. The three that you can see have different weapons. The one farthest left looks to have a British Sten Mk II sub-machine gun. The soldier next to Cap has a Maschinenpistole 40 (MP40) sub-machine gun or an M-3 "grease gun", and the soldier on the right has an M-1, or, most likely, one of its European counterparts. If these guys were French Resistance, then knowing Cap, he'd take the "weakest" weapon so that others would have more protection. Also as radioowen said, it is knida hard to use a shield and fire something that requires two hands. A lot of times I saw Captain America with two .45s; one on his right hip, one in a left shoulder holster.

    That dude wearing the dark shades inside has the last name Stark. Does that answer your question? He's a Stark, sunglasses will suffice where safety goggles should be worn.

    In some of the re-imagined Marvel universes, Captain America was lost (frozen) at the end of WWII, and his shield was damaged in the blast. Howard Stark would've spent his fortune looking for Cap. If he found an indestructible shield damaged, he'd assume that Captain America was dead. Howard Stark was such an egotist that he probably wouldn't let anyone else keep the damaged shield of his dead friend.

    Congratulations on the award! This is a great blog, and you guys deserve the recognition.

  6. Thanks guys... you cleared up a lot for me. I was not nitpicking, merely pointing out a few things that I did not like so much. I know he has used handguns in the past... it just didn't feel right to me. Both Owen & Nuerocells explanations ease my pain a bit, but it still was a bit over the top for me... once the enemies are actually enagaged (are we gonna see any fight scenes BEFORE the film comes out?) I'm sure it will all look great!

    @Nuerocell- Thanks for reading, your compliments, & your comments. CCD loves the people!!!