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February 23, 2011

Welcome To New York City 'Melo!!!!!

The Knicks have finally made a move that I am extremely happy over. Sure, I was happy after they signed Amar'e. He is a beast. Dude is the man. But 'Melo, Mr. Anthony if your nasty... one of my all time favorite players to ever suit up a pair of kicks, coming to NYC??? You gotta be kidding me!!! I am finally happy to say I am a Knick fan again in public after all these years.

Not On The Opposite Side Anymore... Nice!!!
I have loved Melo's game since he led the Syracuse Orange to a national title as a freshman. He was a beast then, and still is. He has been overshadowed his whole career by Lebron, and now he gets a shot to annually fuck Lebron out of a chance at the chip. God is good. We got Amar'e and Melo locked up for at least 4 years... and a shot at CP3 (Chris Paul) or Deron Williams next year when they become free agents. I think there is a group of superstars making moves in NYC... so lets go!!!

You Know Melo Was Wishing Upon A Star For NYC During The All Star Game!

Just in case you haven't seen what Mr. Melo is capable of, here is a highlight real to remind you:

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