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February 17, 2011

LIke! Like?: The Art of David J. Cutler

Artist, David Cutler, is not just your average, run-in-the-mill, comic artist he's also a true fan and the work he does for fun proves it. He's a regular artist for Moonstone Comics 'Northern Guardian' series but, the work that I liked best, of his, were of characters from our youth. Click on his name above for more of his work let 'em know we sent ya'!

'A Bizarro and His Dog'

'In Another Mission'

'Masters of the Universe'

'SF Cammy and Zangief'

'She-Hulk' (Commission)

'The Victorian Aquaman'

'Turtle Power'

Like! Like?

1 comment:

  1. I love love love the 'Victorian Aquaman' piece ...but, I won't marry it!

    I also love the 'Masters of the Universe' group shot. I see quite a few talented artists portraying He-man as sort of a big, dumb, ox type compared to the leaner more intelligent look of Skeletor as of late. I like what that says to me.