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February 14, 2011

Like! Like? Art Edition: David Reynolds

I found David Reynold's art work (aka Mach Sabre at Deviant Art) while researching some Transformers fan-art a few months back and visit his Deviant Art page frequently these days...mostly because his female muses give me a raging nerd-boner. Enjoy some of my favorites (and click the link to his page above for more), but first...get some tissues handy!

'ANX Red Sonya' (Colored)
'AMX Just Your Voice' (Colors)

'Defenders of the Universe'

Click READ MORE below for more art work by David Reynolds

'Tiv Lounging'
'($20 Commission) - Carmen Navarro'
'Disintegrated Circuits'
'Boo's Jungle Colors'
'Charon Vampirella'
'Batman Beyond'
'Slave Leia (Sketch)'
'Beamers Classics Megatron'
'Halloween 09'
'Breaking In'

'Breaking In Too'

'Breaking In III'

'Chainsaw Gal'
'Little Deep One'
'Gift Art for Mona Aeon'
'The Scarlet Witch'
'Black Cat Rockstar (Colored)'
'Revolver Devil (Concept)'
'Julia Redeux'

'Me Am Not Bizarro'
'Random Character Design'
'Shadow Girls 05'
'SG Webart 02'
'Shaak Ti'
'Red Room'
'Memory Lane 03_Stephanie'

'Memory Lane 02_Devekka'
'Some Assembly Required'
'Spider Woman'
'Red Shades'

'Spider Woman I'
'SG Webart 01'
'Tron Shadow Child'
'Wonder Woman'


'Still Got'
'Romantic Christmas'

'Julia Strange'

'In the Mouth of Cthulu' (Colored)

'Cthulu Lovechild'

Like! Like?

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