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February 21, 2011

LEGO Iconic Vol #9 by Jeff Bond

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

Larry Lars offered up his heart....umm...hearts this Valentine's Day, all made of Lego. We heart his work here at CCD.

A shout out to Lego Iconic regular follower, Edson, for forwarding us this post on  Kotaku which spotlighted the talented work of Flickr poster Pecovam. A lot of the builder's work involves Video Game inspired custom painted Lego Minifigs....and that's a mash-up that makes us proud.

Please click 'READ MORE' below for more Lego brick-tasticness






Artist Jonathan Koshi included this Lego Minifig head in his art compilation inspired by the  'Dia de Los Muertes' style. See all of the iconic images over at Notes From the Zeitgeist. Thanks to the kids over at Rampaged Reality for the neat find.

Our pal, Levork, over at Flickr posted these great new original works of Superherodom...

..and our Flickr buddy, Orion Pax has done a stellar recreating the original poster from 'Star Wars Episode I' in 3-dimensions of Lego brick! The force is strong with him. Most brick-pressive!

...Next Orion immortalized the music of Snoop Dogg in this Bow-wow-wonderful work of brick entitled 'Snoop Dogg Basics, Bricks 'N' Bones'. Complete, of course with trademark old skool low rider. Just not sure if he'll fit inside with a afro that mutha-fuckin' fly.

Thanks to Superpunch for this super 'Alien Dropship Chibi' by  Angus MacLane. My chest is already bursting with Brick Alien chest-bursters! 

Thanks to the boss man, Mr. Mike D. for putting me back on to an old skool bunch of Lego brickery that I recall seeing about a year ago before I was posting for CCD but am glad to have been put onto again now that I am a blogger! BuzzFeed gave us the artistic work of Dak who worked in a Lego brick medium to recreate iconic photographs from history. The work may all seem basic to the naked eye...but, take note that all his pieces utilize existing Lego Minifigs from much older sets that didn't offer much in the way of special bricks.... it was all pretty much yellow smiley faces and monochromatic-colored outfits. Click the above links for a few more of his iconic recreations.

NYC Toy Fair took place this past week and from the photos from the show linked over at the From Bricks to Bothans website Lego was no slouch when it came to presenting their wares for the new year ahead.

The Disney Cars series has expanded to include the slightly older child. Up in age from last years Lego Duplo Disney Cars series. Disney and Lego had a life-sized 'Lightning McQueen' on hand MADE ENTIRELY OF LEGO BRICK for the occasion. What attention to detail...just wow!

I;m also excited for this new 'Alien Conquest' series. Looks like aliens have come to town and are abducting innocents from the regularly subdued 'Town' series! Love 'em!

Next up, The Star Wars series gets some new variants of older, discontinued favorites. This is great news to me since I missed a few of these original pieces. Just look at the new/old Podracer piece!

The Creator series has this neat little lighthouse piece amongst a few others.

The Lego Town series is launching space conquests of their own...along with some unrelated but, equally as awesome other locales and vehicles that you might find in your own home town.

The Hero Factory gears up for bigger and better things this year...

...And one of my favorites of the exhibit, a stackable Lego Minig display. Soon, at least one complete wall of my domicile will be adorned from ceiling to floor in Leg Minifigs! Broo-hoo-hahaha

The work of Shutnic started popping off this month on the world wide web of brickery. I marveled, like most, at the beauty that is the outside of this brick behemoth but, than...than I saw what was inside! This is easily the greatest work of Lego Art I've seen all month if not since I started these 'Lego Iconic' posts. This piece, entitled 'Wax Museum' opens up, in 3 sections (first bone can remove the roof...than the whole second floor) to reveal a museum of epic proportions! Each floor includes Lego Minifigs set up to look like wax statues in a museum. There's even a back room in which curators furiously work on the next exhibit pieces! What a wonderful way to display all of my Lego Minifigs. Fantabulous job! (clapping...with standing ovation). You can see the rest of the museum photos at the link above but I posted a ton of them below so you can delve into the building a bit better.

'Til next time Lego Enthusiasts. 
Be sure to email me directly with any leads on impressive Lego creations

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