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February 3, 2011

Check Out Medieval Mega Man... Say That Three Times Fast!!!

Jeff Bond, via friend of CCD Edson, sent me this wonderful link to an art contest that had contestants re-imagining the characters of the beloved Mega Man franchise as if they were from the Dark Ages. This led to some wonderful artwork, and you can see tons of the entries by clicking here. Here are my faves:

Mega Man as a peasant boy by Omen D4

The Good Dr. Light by Secret Science

Blacksmth King Wily by Secret Science 

Bomb Man, Cut Man, Elec Man & Guts Man by Orion 9282

Mega Knight by FooFoo


  1. these were all so great but, I really dug the 4 all done by one artist. The subtle changes from the original Bomb-man and Guts-man while maintaining the original ideas behind the characters is fantastic.

  2. awesome! can you do some from the Zero series?