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February 4, 2011

Chantale & Angie, Poets And They Didn't Even Know It!!!!

Check out this cool poem, "Ode to Kevin Smith", that the beautiful and talented Chantale and Angie from Cinema Obsessed wrote about everybody's favorite chubby filmmaker. It's really cool. Also, check out their site... it's awesome. Great work girls... when we doing a movie night???

Ode To Kevin Smith

I lay in bed,
night after night,
Enthralled in each chapter
of your 'Boring Ass Life'

At one moment laughter,
another sorrow,
Wishing I could hang out
with you tomorrow

Your films are brilliant,
the banter so witty,
As characters chat
about dicks, farts and titties.

Your lovable characters
smoke so much pot,
It's hard to convince me
I really should not.

Your take on religion
Was fun, and yet smart,
You pissed people off,
But I thought it was art.

Protesters gathered
They made quite the group.
How are you offended
by brown rubber poop?

The View Askewniverse
is packed full of fun,
How I long to live in it
and meet everyone.

I'd head over to Mooby's
to grab me some grub,
Then see Dante and Randal ,
and buy me some gum.

I bought me a trench coat
To be just like you,
I hang out at the mall
Just for something to do.

One final thought
for the haters that hate,
You just don't get him,
But he's my hetero-lifemate.

1 comment:

  1. Fun.

    See 'Copout' if you haven't already everybody. I can't vouch for it enough.