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February 25, 2011

'Art Held in Contemp.' Volume 5 by Briana Melendez

 I've always been a visually stimulated individual. As a kid I was always mesmerized by the vibrant colors in nature & much to my parent's dismay the metal radiators in our home quickly became works of abstract art as I was entranced by the melting of my 64 colors of Crayola. The MOMA is by far my favorite museum in all of NYC. I can never get enough of the smooth perfection in marble and the vibrant colors of early 19th century paintings. As much as I love all these beautiful representations of creativity I could never feel connected completely. They are products of bygone eras that while I can admire I could never fully feel a part. That all changed a few years back. I picked up this art magazine called 'Juxtapoz' & BAM! It hit me like a Batman punch. There were images I understood, images I could relate to. Artwork that made sense & represented me. Knowing that 'my' art was alive & kicking has sent me on a quest to look for artist & works of art in which we all can see a little bit of ourselves. With each new installment I'll be aiming to do just that. Sit back & enjoy the ride, I know I have been.

'Artitst James Jean'

My love for comic books and graphic novels has exposed me to some great story tellers and phenomenal artists. James Jean is one of these exceptional artist. I was introduced to his brand of genius through his work with DC/Vertigo and the cover art for 'Fables' (which on a a side note is a FANTASTIC run that is still on going. I highly suggest you all run out an pick up the first trade and check it out, now lets get back to James). Jean graduated from SVA,School of Visual Arts, here in good old NYC, back in 2001 and was quickly hired by DC as an artist. His work on titles such as 'Fables', 'Batgirl', 'The Umbrella Academy' and 'The Green Arrow' has propelled him to be recognized as one of the best in the business. He's had the honor of receiving the Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist with his work on 'Fables' for 5 consecutive years (2004-2008), Batgirl (2004) and Green Arrow (2007). 

Now for me what pushes James Jean into the realm of the 'Amazing' is his versatility. Not only can he create great comic art but his works of fine art are quite remarkable. When viewing his pieces I can't help but feel that I am looking at his paintings through a layer of gossamer. There is an ethereal and disturbing (and I say that in a COMPLETELY good way) quality that I truly appreciate. His new show, 'Rebus', opens this March at the Martha Otero Gallery in LA. With 'Rebus', I believe Jean is venturing into yet another realm and, thankfully, we are all invited along. Check out the daily blog on his website for newly added pieces as Jean shares his process with us.

'Crayon Eater'

'Batgirl Issue #41'

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'BATGIRL Issue #47'

'BATGIRL Issue #52'

'BATGIRL Issue #57'


Concept art for Prada animation



'Diddly Bow' on Grateful Palate Wine

'Diddley Bow' Artwork


'FABLES Issue # 54'

'FABLES Issue #62'

'FABLES 1001 Nights of Snowfall'

'FABLES Issue #16'

'FABLES Issue #81'


'Poor Thing' on Grateful Palate Wines

'Poor Thing'

'Green Arrow Issue #46'

'Green Arrow Issue #55'

'Green Arrow: Heading Into the Light'




'Southern Belle' on Grateful Palate Wine

'Southern Belle'

'The Lotus War'

'The Lotus War 2'

'The Umbrella Academy Issue #5'

'The Umbrella Academy Issue #4'


'Willow Horse'

Artists James Jean leaves his mark

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