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January 13, 2011

Zombies vs. Supermodels... Not Much Of A Difference, Right?

Check out ths cool pic that was posted over at Zombies & Toys. If you like Zombies, check out Jason & the gang over there... plenty of undead happenings to go around for everyone. Tell 'em CCD sent ya!!!


  1. In comparison, they seem quite different.

    Their photos look similar though.

    But, would you get a blow job from a coked up zombie? That's the defining question

  2. Depends on the zombie... zombie Jessica Alba or Debra Ann Wohl? Most definetly.... Zombie Heather Morris or Zombie Amber Heard? Yes please. Zombie Zooey Deschanel or Katie Perry? Of Course. Zombie Rupaul... depends on the light... wait, what? Forget it....