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January 12, 2011

Pinky & The Crew Better Watch Their Back...

... or else these mofo's are gonna replace their simple asses when it comes to chasing the Pac Man clan around the maze. These are just amazing... I love the Alex DeLarge/A Clockwork Orange one the best! Which one do you guys like? Let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks to buzzfeed for this!


  1. I like how they squeezed Link and Sonic into those little ghost parameters. Other than that you know my fave is the 'Storm Trooper'but, the one next to Halo is pretty cool...'Fallout' is it?

  2. I'd love to see a Pac-Man hack with these ghosts! (Similar to what was done for New Super Mario Bros for the NDS!)

    The Metroid one looks pretty good to me!