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January 5, 2011

OHC of the Day: Rachel Thevenard

Unless you live somewhere in the continental United States that does not get basic cable nor advertising of any kind, you have probably heard that MTV has a new show called Skins that will begin on January 17th. Well, to be honest, its not really a new show... more like just another successful British TV show that we will shamelessly jack and pass off as original programming. Be as it may, at least Skins has some hot looking chicks. Thats where Rachel comes in. Ms Thevenard will be playing Michelle Richardson, the popular girl who dates the bad boy in this fictional high school setting. She is also the one on the show I think is the cutest (although Camille Crescencia-Mills, who plays Daisy is also hot... but 17!!!) These kids are pretty fucking wild (at least in all the promos they are), and this gorgeous redhead is no exception. Just take a look at some of these pics... ming!!!Unfortunately there is not much more information on Rachel out there since MTV decided to use the same approach as the British version of the show an cast unknown actors in the roles of the students. This is the first major performance for the Canadian beauty, and MTV is really betting some big wood on this show... so, don't be suprised when Rachel is popping up all over the place. Just remember where you saw her featured first. OHC today, MTV star tomorrow. You gotta start somewhere, right.

***Click Read more below to see more of Rachel Thevenard's pics***

Thats the 17 year old on the right.... ming!!!

Thats the 17 year old on the right again... double ming!!!

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