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January 11, 2011

OHC of the Day: Izabella Miko

While our girl Izabella has been on the Hollywood scene for almost a decade, she has maintained a relatively low profile... probably not by choice. This gorgeous face was first seen in Coyote Ugly as the wild white girl that worked at the bar with Tyra Banks and Eliza Dushku. She had a few scenes, but after that she made a handful of appearances in some pretty low rent movies (The Forsaken, Save the Last Dance 2). After 10 years in the biz, Miko is finally cracking the main stream. First, she appeared as the Goddess Athena in Clash of the Titans. Her scenes were cut out of the movie (they are on the DVD, I think) but she is sure to be in the sequel Wrath of the Titans alongside the rest of her fellow Gods & Goddesses. She also has supporting role in the Carnival of Crime on NBC's The Cape, which is a new favorite TV show here at CCD. You will also see Izabella in the true story of the start up of James Bond author Ian Fleming's World War 2 special army unit entitled Age of Heroes. Her role in this really interesting movie is rumored to be quite large... and as a fan of Fleming's famous Bond stories, I can not wait to get some insight into his real life army exploits (most of which are still classified). She also has a role alongside Sienna Miller in Two Jacks, which is an adaption of a Leo Tolstoy book. Maybe these roles will be the push that little old Izabella needs to become a Popular Hot Chick instead of a Obscure Hot Chick... just remember where you saw her again first!!! 

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Thats for you Jeff!!!!

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