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January 11, 2011

Llyod Stas Gives Edgar Wright's Filmography His Own Awesome Movie Posters

Check out these wonderful depictions of all of Edgar Wright's films by artist Llyod Stas. He was a big fan of Wright (as am I) and the dude crushed these. He even included Wright's iconic TV show "Spaced" and the movie that never was, the faux Grindhouse trailer "Don't". I love them all, but I gotta say Scott Pilgrim is by far my fave. The coolest thing about this whole bunch is that I found them over at Edgar Wright's official blog (click here to check it out). Wright re-posted them and came upon them on his own, and praises Stas's work as superb. Now that's gotta make ole Lloyd feel good, no? You can see more of his work by clicking here. Which one do you like the best? Tell us in the comment section below.


  1. Shaun of the Dead, def my fave. I must watch Spaced!

  2. Bri, have you ever watched it? It is wonderful! Its not on streaming, but Netflix has the complete series by mail. I recommend!