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January 19, 2011

I Like The Blue & Yellow Suits, But Thats About It...

Sooooo.... here is the first official picture of the First Class of X Men... you know, from 'X Men: First Class' (See what I did there... that's called clever!!!). I must truly say that I am not at all impressed. Let me take that back... I'm not nearly impressed as I thought I would be. Here it is:

Left to right: Michael Fassbender as 'Magneto', that's Rose Byrne as 'Dr. Moira McTaggart', January Jones as 'Emma Frost', Jason Flemyng as 'Azazel', the kid who plays the Beast as Beast (right), then Lucas Till as 'Havo'k, Zoe Kravitz as 'Angel' (?), Mystique and of course James McAvoy as a be-haired Professor X. (Thank you Topless Robot for those names... jack move son!!!)

What are your thoughts? I am a bit taken aback by Mystique considering how she looks like a downgrade from the previous X franchise movies, and I don't know how I feel about Professor X with hair (weird right?). Tell us how you feel in the comment section below.


  1. I like the outfits on Magneto and Professor X but the rest are strange. In the comics Emma's outfits work but in real life she looks like a hooker and there is no way she would be permitted to wander around a SCHOOL dressed like that as either a teacher or a student. Doesn't work for me. It might come from the fact that I am not a fan of January Jones at all. If I am already having problems with ONE picture, I can only imagine how much I am going to hate this movie. Also if you are going to do FIRST CLASS you should really have the first five mutant students from the comics before you invent new characters. Oy, there I go again. TRAINWRECK ALARM!

  2. I like the costumes, and Emma's looking pretty um...well...yeah...

    But all in all I don't know why they couldn't use Cyclops, Jean, etc., instead of throwing in a bunch of characters I honestly don't care about at all, save for Beast and Havok (who is Cyclops' older brother now? Lame.)

  3. James,

    Wasn't Havok always Cyclop's older brother? I thought so... maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. This looks pretty terrible... or like I said above, un-impressive. I don't know... I just don't know.

  4. Nah, he was his younger brother. I mean granted, it's not that big of a change, but in a way it is...

    And yeah, I'm not sure I would go with "terrible" but "not very good" sums it up well. Then again, they released two more pictures of various characters in period piece garb, and it looked halfway decent.

    Also, I don't mind some changes in comic book movies (as very well there needs to be), but haven't they learned that the closer they stick to the material the better the movie is (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Nolan movies in essence)? It seems like they're really running away with this one...

  5. The standards for what I expect from an X-men movie have gotten so low since the last couple that they probably couldn't disappoint me anymore.

    Isn't Jennifer Lawrence ('Winter's Bone') playing Mystique this go-round? You verified that when you declared her OHC of the day a few months back. C'mon son!

    Is Zoe Kravitz' character 'Angel Salvadore' anyone in X-men lore? It shouldn't be pointed out that she is, of course, the off spring of Cliff Huxtables TV daughter Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz...and that she's already been cast in the new 'Mad Max' film...which I thought was supposed to co-star the great Tom Hardy but that doesn't seem to be the case yet.

    Fassbender is f*ckin great..he stole some scenes in 'Inglorious Basterds, you'll recall, last year as the super British officer behind the infiltration. Dig that dude.

    \January Jones makes me want to slap her in 'Mad Men' but, I think that's because she plays her character so well! Let's see what she does here....giver her a chance, kids!

  6. Jeff- Angel Salvadore is a very recent X-Men character with insect like abilities. Why in God's name she is now a founding member of the X-Men is unbeknown to me.

    And Joe...I agree. Oh damn, Emma, indeed.