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January 19, 2011

As Usual, GQ Fucks Up A Good Thing Once Again...

Another issue, another mis-step... and after it all was looking so promising once again. First was the nowhere near enough Glee cast photo shoot... what was up with that? Not enough Glee chicks... Then they name Scarlett Johansson their sexiest woman of the year, and they only give her a two picture photo spread... bullshit! Then we get the smoking hot Minka "Ms. Jeter" Kelly in a sexy Valentines Day type spread... and once again 2 shots.... come on 'GQ'. Your hearts in the right place, but do we really need so many damn cologne & perfume ads that we can't get a few more pics like these in:

Good lord... fuck 'GQ' and don't cop the issue. Here is all you need to see... your welcome!!!

1 comment:

  1. Stop hatin' on GQ man...they never really do full spreads. It's REALLY more about the's not Maxim/Playboy.

    'Minka'? isn't that dilznick in Italian? I never heard of her before today. Thank You.