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January 12, 2011

Even Paul McCartney Loves Marvel Comics!!!

My good friend and fellow CCD contributor Tommy Lombardozzi published a song lyric on Facebook yesterday from the 1976 Wings song "Magneto & Titanium Man". I had never heard the song before (at least I don't remember hearing it), but after listening to the tune on Youtube I had to write a post about it. Then I found Youtube user Peachmon's excellent video mash-up of the song and past Marvel cartoon clips, and I was even happier. You gotta see this. McCartney even gets a shout out to Crimson Dynamo in there as well.... its amazing that this came from 1976 and McCartney was extolling his love of Marvel characters on the B side to Wings singles. Very cool stuff... hope you enjoy!

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  1. Back then when they'd play this live, huge banners of Magneto & Titanium Man would drop down from the rafters and fill the stage. There are pictures of it online, I'm sure. Good fun.