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January 27, 2011

'Art Held in Contemp.' Volume 3 by Briana Melendez

 I've always been a visually stimulated individual. As a kid I was always mesmerized by the vibrant colors in nature & much to my parent's dismay the metal radiators in our home quickly became works of abstract art as I was entranced by the melting of my 64 colors of Crayola. The MOMA is by far my favorite museum in all of NYC. I can never get enough of the smooth perfection in marble and the vibrant colors of early 19th century paintings. As much as I love all these beautiful representations of creativity I could never feel connected completely. They are products of bygone eras that while I can admire I could never fully feel a part. That all changed a few years back. I picked up this art magazine called 'Juxtapoz' & BAM! It hit me like a Batman punch. There were images I understood, images I could relate to. Artwork that made sense & represented me. Knowing that 'my' art was alive & kicking has sent me on a quest to look for artist & works of art in which we all can see a little bit of ourselves. With each new installment I'll be aiming to do just that. Sit back & enjoy the ride, I know I have been.

During the Victorian era, taxidermy art was quite the fashionable thing to own. Birds in pseudo-flight and cats sitting down for tea were to be found in many parlors. The art of Polly Morgan is not your great-grandma's taxidermy.  Morgan who is a member of the UK Guild of Taxidermists studied under professional taxidermist George Jamieson for a short time. Her vision is to try and show "the moment between death and dying" in opposition to traditional taxidermy which typically shows the animal mimicking 'life-action'. All her 'subjects' have died naturally or accidentally and have been donated by vets, bird owners, etc....

Artist Polly Morgan

'Bistrothique Commission'

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Morgan with departed squirrel friend


'Flight of Fancy (Nuthatch)'

'Murdocks Commission'

'MS Found in a Bottle'

'Still Life After Death (Fox)'

'La Petite'


'Rest a Little in the Lap of Life'

'Take Heart'

'To Every Seed His Own Body'

'Still Life After Death'

'Still Birth (Teal & Red)''

'Carrion Call'

'Carrion Call'

'Rabbit on Hat'
'Systematic Inflation'

Check out more about Morgan's start in the art world and her technique by clicking here

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  1. I really REALLY love this stuff. To think, you were worried about Morgan's work being too much for some of the CCD followers! It's brilliant. I don't know if I could own any of her work...but, if I could. my favorite of this bunch would be the little white mouse in the champagne glass. it looks so cute it got drunk on bubbly and just passed out there. Awww.