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January 6, 2011

Alex Ross Does Godzilla For IDW... Your Welcome James West!!!

Check out this phenomenal cover art done by one of my favorite comic artists ever, Alex Ross, for the upcoming IDW Comics title Godzilla: Monster World. Wow. This looks great. The book is written by Eric Powell (of The Goon) and the art will be done by Phil Hester, with Ross supplying a special issue #1 cover as only he can! My cousin and fellow comic book geek James West is a huge Godzilla fan, and he takes extreme pride in his Marvel Comics Godzilla run of books from the 80's. The fact that they are making a new Godzilla book and it comes with this fantastic cover is sure to make his day. The title kicks off in March 2011 so make sure you hit up your mom & pop comic shops and support them when you are picking up this title. Mr. Ross, you are a god. Once again you have outdone yourself.

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  1. Sweet Jesus that's cool...I think I'm adding another title to my pull list.