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December 30, 2010

These May Be Cool, But I Wouldn't Eat Any Of 'Em.... Would You???

Cover by Chris Garbutt

Check out some of these cool cereal box covers that feature monsters & ghouls galore. They were from a proposed coffee table book from Kreepsville Industries called Cereal Killers. My good friend Johnny from Freddy In Space posted some of his faves from the never published book, and also posted a link to their blog with all of the rest of the pictures. I picked out the few that I liked the best, but you should click here and check out all the rest of them. Also, check out Freddy In Space, cause Johnny got one of the best horror blogs on the planet... believe that!!!

Revenge of The Mummy - Uncredited

Pazuzu's Bits by Miles Teves

Despairios by Lauren Faust

Cannibal Crunch by Justin Parpan

Frosted Kids by Juilen Bizat

Capsized Crunch by Chris Garbutt

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