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December 22, 2010

Thank You Spiderman Musical... Thank You!!!

As a comic book geek of epic proportions, I have mixed feelings about 'Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark'. On one hand, you would think that a Spiderman musical is probably the only kind of musical a comic geek would ever see. On the flipside, this is the kind of commercialization that drives true fans crazy. As the bills were piling up for the show (it's price tag is over $65 million!) and the problems kept coming, I began to laugh at Julie Taymor and those U2 dickwads... they had a surefire story to work with. Who the fuck were they to change HOW Spiderman gets bit by a spider or invent villains when Spidey has about 75 in his personal rogue gallery. They took a lot of risks, most for no reason at all... and now they are hitting rock bottom.

This was a tough week. First, they pushed the official opening back for a 3rd time to work out some kinks. Then came the rumor of massive re-writes and editing of the shows script. Then the ultimate disaster happened: A stuntman fell 30 feet when his safety harness broke. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and TMZ), here it is:


That is wonderful... I never want to see anybody get hurt, but somebody or something has to stop these assholes in charge of the show, and this may be it. Apparently, the Actors Union & the State Department of Labor have shut the show down until they can work out any and all safety issues with the show. Good luck with that.... by the time they get this all worked out, I will be about 65 and they will probably be on reboot #4 of the Spiderman film franchise. Either way, I still want to see this trainwreck....


  1. Wait a second. They changed HOW Spider-man gets bit and they invented new villians? What the...? I'm not sure if I can see this craziness!

  2. Yeah Joe... they have him getting bit by a spider that is reall a villian (one of the made up ones) named Arachne, who is some sort of ancient evil goddess. Then he battles some familiar faces, but fights a female villian named Swiss Miss (another made up villian with the worst fuckng name ever!!!). All so un-neccesary.... grrrRr!!!!

  3. I had absolutely no desire to see this show & you have sealed that for me.... Swiss Miss?!?! Get the fuck outta here! Those two one named ass munches & taymor should be taken out & shot execution style on the streets of Manhattan.

  4. Word Bri... I mean, c'mon... you don't gotta touch that story. Its wonderful. Just add the music and get outta the way...

  5. Guess I'm going by myself.

    I really think once all the problems are solved, this is going to be one HELL of a show! C'mon Spiderman and Green Goblin swinging around over the crowd and over the stage like it's a circus? Can't really beat that visually and no one's going to complain about U2 songs that drive the thing, I'm sure.

    I'd like to remind everyone that Julie Taymor and Bono aren't FORCING actors and stunt doubles to go through all this as if they're circus animals. They get hired for a job requiring wire work. If they didn't think the work was possible they'd have taken other jobs. I haven't heard a statement yet from the cast or crew depicting a cruel or unusual treatment. It's all just media conjecture. And in this new world we live in...I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the reports have been a little embellished by the media for marketing hype because the channels carrying those reports are backed by the same people that have invested in the show.

    Deep breaths everyone! Everything will be OK.

    Now I'm gonna go back to watching this guy fall..over...and over...and over....and over....

  6. Jeff, I see your point... kind of. Listen, your right. No one twisted these actors arms. But they signed up for what they were pitched. That was a solid show with a 30 million dollar budget. What they ended up getting is a non stop disaster that is totaling over 65 million. That means that they are officially more over budget then the original amount that was allocated to the show... which was astronomical anyway!!! Its starting to get out of hand... people are getting hurt daily, they keep changing the script... its sick. And I dont care how many investors they have, after a while people will get tired of hemoraging money. I want it to work, but it might be to far gone. I hope not... and I would go see it in a sec, right now.