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December 22, 2010

Showgirls Meets The Black Swan Trailer

This is amazing... they take footage from one of the all time worst movies ever, Showgirls, and set it to the voice track from The Black Swan trailer. The stories really do seem similiar enough that they could be interchangable... and the acting was so bad in Showgirls you can hardly notice that this is a re-dub and not the real dialouge. Enjoy some Jesse Spano titties with some Natalie Portman vocals. Enjoy...

Showgirls from Jeffrey McHale on Vimeo.

Black Swan Trailer MASH UP


  1. worst movie ever????

    YOU DON't KNOW SHIT!!!!!!!

    1. I actually love the movie Showgirls, especially Jessie Spano taking it over and over again. But am I wrong to call it one of the worst movies ever? It is widely referred to as shit such by ANY reputable movie critic ever. Case in point:

      'A film of thunderous oafishness that gives adult subject matter the kind of bad name it does not need or deserve.' ---- Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times

      'A waste of a perfectly good NC-17 rating.' --- Roger Ebert

      'Even the grossest porn is more cheerfully sexual than this movie.' --- Rob Gonsalves

      'Think of Flashdance but with an unappealing leading lady playing a woman whose fierce ambition is to do something not admirable, just ridiculous.' --- Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle

      That took five minutes.... but what do all these professional movie critics know? You are obvioulsy the authority on good films!!!!!