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December 2, 2010

OHC of the Day: Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones may not be a break out star (yet), but boy does she know how to stay involved in some popular projects. She has been featured on one of my all time favorite shows, Showtime's Huff, as well as Ugly Betty & House. She also has had considerable roles in HBO's critically acclaimed Big Love & FX's smash hit Sons of Anarchy. Not to mention that she was one of the leads in Fox's highly touted new series Lonestar... which despite the fact was one of the most critically acclaimed show of the season before it started, was cancelled after 2 episodes because NOBODY WATCHED IT. She has also been in a few movies, like Still Green and Love Finds A Home. Yet yesterday, her career took a serious upswing. Jones was just cast as the female lead in JJ Abrams new tv series for Fox entitled "Alcatraz". With Undercovers not achieving the success that he had hoped, the ever powerful JJ is banking on Alcatraz to restore his superstar status as a producer and has tapped former Lost alum Jorge "Fat Ass Hurley" Garcia (I kid, I kid... I love Garcia, but I HATED Hurley) as the male lead. Not much is known about the show other then the fact that it centers around some prisoners who disappeared 30 years ago and re-appear in modern times. Now the FBI has to track 'em all down and find out WTF happened. Jones will be playing one of the agents in charge of recovering the immates. She seems like a wonderful actress and a beautiful girl, and everyone who watches Sons of Anarchy raves about her (I know, I have to start watching that show!!!)... so I don't think Ms. Jones will be an Obscure Hot Chick much longer. Alcatraz will be premiering next season, so be on the lookout...

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  1. My lord, she's great. Another great OHC at CCD! Thanks!

  2. yes i am pretty sure i am in love with this chick

  3. another hot chick in town... definitely wanna fuck her...
    look at her boobs man....I'm gonna fuck her with my 7 inch cock.
    take it baby....

    1. Wow... easy fella. Here is my one question: If you are going to post the comment as anonymous, then why not pump yourself up to 9 or 10 inches??? 7 sounds a bit pedestrian, no?

  4. He probably didn't want to exaggerate any more than the 4 inches he was already adding. Haha

  5. +1.. Shes bloody gorgeous....

  6. does she still acting?? i wonder how does she look like nowadays.

  7. Really i love here Boobs