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December 2, 2010

More Marvel Two In One Make Believe Mashups: The Thing & Blue Devil

I am a HUGE fan of the DC character Blue Devil. Have been for years. I don't know what it is... the book was kinda laid back and funny, and was filled with tons of action. I also became a fan of the original run because it was out when I started collecting comics back in 1984-85 (God damn I am old). I have a good amount of the 31 issues of BD's original run, and over the years he has appeared in tons of Justice League storylines that feature stuntman Daniel Cassidy and his magically fused exo-supersuit kicking supernatural ass. My boy Ross over at Marvel Two-In-One: The Lost issues decided to pair up ole BD with Ben Grimm, and the cover that he crafted reflects the fun loving tone of BD's 80's run (check it out, I highly recommend it!). Ross adds new faux covers everyday, so click the link above and tell em CCD sent ya!!!

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