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December 18, 2010

Get Ready to Have Your Drink Ideas Sipped by the Masses!

Art by Joseph Milazzo

The Three Ingredient Challenge!

Every month your favorite barkeep and mix-ologist, Michael Lombardozzi*, will be letting YOU create the coolest new cocktail!! Let's submit to him 3 ingredients (nothing too gross like frog legs and bulls balls!), and he will combine them with the appropriate spirits and use his knowledge and skills to invent a cool drinkable libation! There will be a prize for the contestants that gets his attention. There is a catch, you MUST sign up to Cultural Compulsive Disorder as a follower to qualify (just click 'follow' to the right of the page and sign up!). Than leave your 3 ingredients in the comment section below..... ready.GO!!

*Michael Lombardozzi is a nationally renowned mix-ologist who you can find, daily, behind the bar at 


  1. Peanut butter, white vinegar, and cumin!

  2. Pickles, (your choice of) cheese & Ham..

    Like a sandwich!

  3. or how abaout Mandarin Oranges, Vanilla, & Tumeric

    like a spicy cream-sicle

    ....I'm just thrownin' 'em out there.

  4. how about cumcuats? tea? ginger?

  5. forward from Alyson:

    "...cinnamin schnapps, cinamin, and bacon for garnish! I heart bacon"

  6. forward from Bianca Sunshyne Papas:

    "blue cheese (crumbled),
    large green manzanilla olives (pitted),
    Jalapeno Green Tobasco sauce."

  7. Friends! I will be working on some ideas this week. Im excited to create the first "3 Ingredient Challenge" cocktail !!