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December 27, 2010

A Belated Christmas Gift For Jeff Bond (And The Rest Of You Guys As Well)

I am dedicating this post to great friend, fellow CCD contributor, and all around awesome guy Jeff Bond. This following photo gallery is so Christmas-y wonderful that I had to post it for him since he loves Katy Perry so much. And you know what... you have to love her cause she is so beautiful but also has fun being a famous person... thats very rare now-a-days (I'm looking at you sour puss Kristen Stewart!!!) Enjoy all of these Katy Perry Christmas themed photos... and try to keep the thoughts clean or you may end up on Santa's naughty list next year!!!

***Click Read more to see more Katy Perry & a special suprise at the end!!!***

This is your final Christmas gift from us here at CCD. Earlier this year, this following photo was circulated around the 'net... is it Katy Perry, or not??? Either way, even if its not her, enjoy the boobies and all the rest (nude pic follows... Not Safe For Work, but definetly spank worthy...hehehehe)


  1. Katie is just delicious. I feel in love with her too when she was on SNL. She just drips sex appeal.