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December 17, 2010

And Now For Our Next Number, Live From Jabba's Lair, It's The Max Rebo Band!!!

Artist Dave Perillo has got a treat for all you real Star Wars heads out there... The most popular band on Tatooine, Perillo brings you the cover art for The Max Rebo Band Live From Jabba's Throne Room!!!! Check out what the artist had to say about the piece on his blog:
The hit song by the hottest thing on Tatooine since the Sarlacc Pit ate chili...the Max Rebo Band!!! Apparently, the words "Lapti Nek" mean "Work it Out" in Huttesse. Too bad they replaced with "Jedi Rocks" in the Special Edition!
This my "Jim Flora" jazz album inspired tribute to band that died way too soon in that horrible Jabba Skiff explosion...let's hope they keep on Lapti Nek'ing in the afterlife...
Here it is... Enjoy!!! You can buy Dave Perillo prints at his Etsy store by clicking here.

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