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November 9, 2010

When Roger Ebert Talks, CCD Listens!!!

A few weeks back we ran a story featuring the short film "Alma", which was brought to us by the wonderful director Rodrigo Blaas. It is super original and absolutely wonderful (Thanks for the tip Bianca!!!), and according to Roger Ebert's Sun Times webpage/blog, "Alma" is all set to be developed into a full length Dreamwork's film!!! Blaas will stay on to direct, and we are extremely happy for him!!! Can not wait to see the finished result on a full length of this interesting story.

Also, if you are not subscribing to Ebert's RSS feed and checking his blog/Twitter daily... well, you should be! While the dude has survived cancer and is dealing with the after effects that hamper his trademark talking about films, he has turned to the keyboard to get his message out. The man seems to be tweeting or typing stories 24 hours a day, and since he is the biggest living film critic ever his sources usually ring true. My man gets it in. Check him out kids, trust me you will not be disappointed.

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