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November 9, 2010

CCD Presents Nick Barbieri's Short Film "Word On The $treet"

I was told about Nick Barbieri's short film "Word On The $treet" by my friend Matt, and after watching it I had to share it wth my CCD family. A 15 minute hood masterpiece, this is one excellent film from a very talented up and coming director. It has won numerous awards at film festivals all over NYC. You know we love to feature people when they are on the way up the ladder of stardom... and Mr. Barbieri is certainly on that particular ladder. We wish you all the best Nick!!! I can not wait to see Word Of The $treets pt. 2... so get to work! You can watch the film embedded here on CCD, but I really like the way you can watch it on the MyFake Productions webpage (click the link... that TV set is gangster!). Enjoy the film!!!

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