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November 24, 2010

No One Does Crazy Like Nic Cage Does Crazy

There is no reason to say anything about this clip. It speaks for itself... honestly, it does. Look at it this way: If you like Nic Cage, this is the clip for you. If you hate him and his carzy fucking face, well... you are a dick and should watch it to further foster your misguided feelings of hate for Mr Cage. Hope you enjoy:

Thanks to Pajiba for this... you guys are the best!!!


  1. That was awesome. I laughed right from the start!

    I regret to say, that I do not know most of those movies!

  2. Stand back everybody...he's gonna blow!

  3. Joe, you can click the link to Pajiba above, and they will give you the movie titles. They are mostly his older movies, but the ones where he is smacking up bitches in the bear costume and kicking that girl into the wall are from The Wicker Man... the original is amazing, and the Nic Cage remake sucks in comparison. But watching him in it takes away the suckiness for me...

  4. Awesome moment when I saw Harry Potter...the Season of the Witch trailer was playing, and when they showed Nic's face, the entire theater burst out laughing...classic...