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November 17, 2010

Netflix Instant Streaming, I Love You So.... 11/17/2010 Picks!!!

It's another week, so that means chances are I have watched another dozen or so movies on Netflix Instant Streaming this week. The number would have probably been higher, but I am obsessing over the downloadable version of Mike Tyson's Punch Out I order on Virtual Wii and I can't get to the last circuit... damn you Soda Popinski!!!! Anywho, here are a few recommendations from my viewing experience for you to look into. Trust me, they won't disappoint!!!

The Human Centiepede (First Sequence) - 2010

Directed by Tomm Sixx Starring: Ashlynn Yennie, Ashley C Williams, Akihiro Kitamura, Dieter Laser

Good god, thank you sooooo much!!! I have been raving about The Human Centipede for quite a while here at CCD... hell, I may have been one of the first blogs on the Internet to talk about this sick fucking movie (Click here if you don't believe me... Jan 10 kid!!!). The fact that once I actually saw the movie and loved it made me feel good inside. No matter how sick you may find it, to me it was everything and more I thought it would be. Laser is amazing as Dr Heiter, a new horror icon for the 21st century. Tom Sixx has really created a creepy fuck to perpetrate the horrors of this insane movie. Both Ashley C Williams & Ashley Yennie are smoking hot, and Akihiro provides some funny comic ramblings in his native Japanese.... I really don't understand the people who say they didn't like this one. Sure its got a paper thin plot, it's medically inaccurate, and its a stretch. It's a movie about assholes being sewn to mouths... what the fuck did you think it was going to be, Casablanca??? If you haven't seen it yet, give it a whirl. Trust me, you might find it fun. This is the best addition to Netflix Instant Streaming since the put Black Dynamite on.... can you say modern day Grindhouse double feature with The Human Centipede & Black Dynamite??? I can... and will!!!!

*****Click Read more below for my last 2 Netflix Instant Streaming picks of the week*****

The Imaginarium of Dr Panarssus (2009)- Directed by Terry Gilliam

Starring: Christopher Plummer, Andrew Garfield, Vern Troyer, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law & Colin Farrell

I have been waiting to see this movie for quite a while. The cast is magnificent, and Terry G never disappoints (Unless its a Don Quiote film... never again!!!!) and the idea is crazy. This is (sadly) really Heath Ledger's last role on film, and once again he gives a great performance. Hampered by Ledger's death mid filming, Gilliam enlisted Jude Law, Johnny Depp, & Colin Farrell to play Ledger when he enters the dream world that exists inside of Dr. Parnassus's mind. It really works well, and the film is a visual masterpiece. the story is great also. All in all, if you like stuff that is slightly of centered (I do) or are a fan of Ledger or any of the 3 stars who play his character (I am) then you owe it to yourself to see this. Plus, it has Mini Me in it... and he is not pissing all over the place, stinky drunk riding a scooter (I seen you on VH1 Vern... you nasty little fuck!!!). Check it out... best 2 hours I spent in a long time.

Arrested Development - Season 1 - 2003

Starring: Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Portia De Rossi, Michael Cera

Talk about being late to the party... I missed this show when it was on from 2003-2006, and everyone who watched it (couldn't have been all of you guys who say you did since the ratings caused it to get canceled... Liars!!!!) swears by it... so thanks to Netflix Instant, I am finally catching up. Great fucking cast, great fucking show... that about sums this 1/2 hour comedy up. Dead pan sense of humor, a pretentious snobbish family that is played so straight you can not help to laugh, and Jason Bateman as the only member of the Bluth clan who has any sense of what the fuck is going on in the real world. I love this show. Can not wait for season 2 & 3 (all are available, put em in your que niggas!!!)

Happy viewings.... and if you have seen or plan to see any of the aforementioned titles, leave us a comment with some of your thoughts below!!! 

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