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November 4, 2010

My Newest Netflix Instant Streaming Obsession: Afro Samurai

I am completely addicted to Netflix Instant Streaming... there is no news in that at all. But the reasons I love it so much are do to its overwhelming amount of content that is interesting to me. Maybe everyone else would find this stuff wack, but I am digging it. There is so much great content out there that gets missed during its intial run. Thats why instant streaming/on demand is so great. It lets you catch up at the click of a button.

Case in point: Afro Samurai. This anime mini-series is a homage to the hip hop culture that Japanese creator Takashi Okazaki loved so much. So he combined elements of the traditional anime fare (swords, blood, ultra violence) & American urban elements (guns, hip hop music, modern slang and language) to come up with this 5 episode mini series masterpiece and its follow-up, Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Add in an all star voice cast (Samuel L Jackson, Ron Pearlman, Phil LeMarr, John DiMaggio, Lucy Liu, Mark Hamill) and you got an excellent combination. I implore you to check out Afro Samurai Season 1 and Afro Samurai: Resurrection if you love things like:
  1. Swordfights that lead to unreal deaths.
  2. Teddy bear masked samurai
  3. Robot clones that fight like T-100's
  4. Feudal Japan & Futuristic Japan mashed up.
  5. A lead character with a sick fro working out Asians constantly.
  6. Sam L Jackson's voice... love it.
  7. Rza's music (he does all the music, and its great.)
  8. Ghost/Spirit sidekicks that smoke pot and talk shit
  9. A man hellbent on revenge that stops at nothing... except lemonade. He stops for lemonade (don't ask, just watch)
  10. Blood.... lots of blood.

And that's just in the 1st 5 episodes!!! I have included this clip to help encourage you a bit more. Hope you guys like it.


You can catch both editions of this fine animated series on Netflix Instant Streaming, so make it happen. This is what streaming is made for. Do you guys like Afro Samurai? Anybody else love it as much as me? Tell us in the comment section below. Later... I got programs to watch!!!

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