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November 5, 2010

Imagine This: Check Out These Lost Back To The Future Audition Tapes... Wow!

People have had a great time watching the lost clips of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in Back to the Future that were included in the new Blu-Ray release. These clips came from early in the movie film shoot when Stoltz was cast as McFly before they switched to Michael J Fox. Now, Saturday Night Live has unleashed the lost audition tapes from 1984... you gotta see these. Al Pacino, Bill Cosby & Robin Williams as Doc Brown??? Eddie Murphy, Nic Cage & Sam Kinison as Marty??? Alan Alda as Biff??? Jennifer Tilly as 1955 Lea Thompson??? Plus many more... These are great. Unfortunately, Hulu has made it a must to embed the whole episode of SNL, yet you can see the Back to the Future clips at the 17:55 and 25:10 mark. Great stuff... keep up the good work SNL!!!



  1. I wish Hulu didn't suck so fuckin' bad. I've made 18 attempts to watch the 'Back to the Future' clip. All I get 3 commercials and the opening sequence repeating 4 times.

    It's bad enough SNL doesn't want me watching their show when it originally airs on Saturday by making it suck so bad for atleast the past 10-15 they don't even want me spreading the word when they manage to come up with a clip that seems worthy of forwarding.

    Fuck them!

  2. This was good. Those guys did great impressions. SNL is starting to get a decent cast nowadays. Some dead weight still (that Keenan & Kel guy has gotta go already), but there are some good members (And though I like Kristen Wiig, does she need to be the female lead in EVERY skit featuring a female?! Give the other chicks a turn!)

  3. That new black guy that does all the impressions is pretty dead on...and funny! And Chris Elliot's daughter is cute as hell and funny as well...I can only take so much Kriten Wiig and that Sedaris guy is tolerable but....

    I just dunno about SNL anymore, man. The format just seems tired. Sure any show that runs for 30plus years eventually will add some fresh faces that will spruce the place up...but I think they just generally give this show too much leeway. Any show that's bad episode to good episode ratio was in this much of a deficit...wouldn't make it through it's first season.