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October 5, 2010

Who Wants A Hatchet 2 Poster Signed By Danielle Harris???

We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ms. Danielle Harris last week, and she signed a poster for 1 lucky CCD fan to win. Now here is how you can do it. Just comment on this thread with an answer to this question: "What is your favorite scary movie and why?" I feel like this is a fitting request given the time of year and the merchandise at stake. If you love horror movies, here is your chance to tell us about it. Lets go CCDers... get on it!!! 


  1. The Omen! That is my favorite scary movie.
    A demonic kid. Great acting. Great script.
    Killing a kid, even a demonic one, would
    not be too easy to do. Unless he drank up
    all my Absinthe!