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October 22, 2010

Ultradome... Finally, Milo Ventimiglia Does Something To Make Me Not Hate His Face!!!

Check out these cool ass video Battle Royals between classic characters from all walks of fiction... it's like Celebrity Deathmatch: The Next Generation!!! What makes this even more impressive is that it comes to you from the mind of Milo Ventimiglia, the guy that played Peter Petrelli on Heroes... or better known as the guy I used to curse at every week as I watched in fustration as he squandered his cool ass powers and failed to get any ass on the show despite the fact that there was ass everywhere to get... er, um, yeah, I don't lke the guy. But this is still pretty cool. Check out the vids & click here to visit the Ultradome page and see new battles as they are posted. Tell me what you guys think in the comment section below.

Jedi vs Hobbit

<a href=";from=customplayer_en-us_entertainment_ultradome&amp;fg=MsnEntertainment_entertainment2_ultradome_custom_player&amp;vid=92474ae8-8715-42ef-a85d-935d8e1a5986" target="_new" title="Ultradome Episode 1: 'Star Wars' vs. 'Lord of the Rings'">Video: Ultradome Episode 1: 'Star Wars' vs. 'Lord of the Rings'</a>

Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones

<a href=";from=customplayer_en-us_entertainment_ultradome&amp;fg=MsnEntertainment_entertainment2_ultradome_custom_player&amp;vid=c4cb986e-3f3f-492c-b59b-6b3c7c8b06dd" target="_new" title="Ultradome Episode 2: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones">Video: Ultradome Episode 2: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones</a>

Hulk vs. Wolverine

<a href=";from=customplayer_en-us_entertainment_ultradome&amp;fg=MsnEntertainment_entertainment2_ultradome_custom_player&amp;vid=aae97019-0c71-4872-afbb-cf6900cdeb7d" target="_new" title="Ultradome Episode 3: Hulk vs. Wolverine">Video: Ultradome Episode 3: Hulk vs. Wolverine</a>

Buffy vs. Count Chocula (This is great!!!)

<a href=";from=customplayer_en-us_entertainment_ultradome&amp;fg=MsnEntertainment_entertainment2_ultradome_custom_player&amp;vid=dfa9f845-2ab8-4ee4-976f-50d942f53ed3" target="_new" title="Ultradome Episode 4: Buffy vs. Count Chocula">Video: Ultradome Episode 4: Buffy vs. Count Chocula</a>