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October 1, 2010

Over 1,000 Bucks For That Hat??? Get The F%@k Outta Here...

I am watching John Carpenter's classic 1982 alien movie The Thing on Cinemax right now, and boy does it hold up!!! What a wonderful film... Russell is such a bad ass, the effects were (and still are) great, and its scary as shit imagining being stranded up there. But one thing I had completely forgotten about was the ridiculous hat that Russell wears throughout the movie:

Honestly, that hat is just absurd... it is not even practical for life in the arctic cold. But despite all these facts, Russell wears this unbelievable hat for the whole film. So when i decided to make a post poking fun at the hat, I was floored that there was a company out there that makes a replica of the hat for your personal collection. the price tag: 4 easy payments of $275 bucks... over a grand!!!! WTF, not only is the hat batshit crazy, but 1,000 bucks! Well, if its something you have been yearning for, click here to visit Baron Hats and order it now. Despite the dumb fucking hat, still a great movie... they don't make em like this anymore!

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