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October 21, 2010

Oops... I Left One Out!!!

In all the crazy posts we did about the 2010 NYC Comic Con, I had completely forgot to post this footage from the upcoming movie entitled Monsters panel. It featured Gareth Edwards, the director, answering tons of questions and showing off some of the footage from the movie. He was a cool guy, and he allowed us to ask questions. I got up there and asked mine, which had to do with the role of the internet in the promotion of a movie and what its like to be a first time filmmaker with all this attention. Check out the video of my question:

 I'm gong to be checking this one out for sure. It opens here n the US on Friday October 29th. I believe it is also available on pay per view at the crib... so check your local cable provider. We wish Magnolia Films, Gareth Edwards, and all the rest of the people involved with this movie all the best. i can't wait to see these F'n monsters!!!!

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  1. This movie looks really cool and innovative. I look forward to it.