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October 14, 2010

OHC of the Day: Paz de la Huerta

Even though I had seen almost all of Paz de la Huerta's early TV & Movie works (The Object of my Affection, The Cider House Rules, Riding in Cars With Boys, A Walk to Remember, etc) I really couldn't place her. But all that changed with her busting out of the top of a cake and dripping some chocolate pudding on herself on HBO's new hit show, Boardwalk Empire. That was all it took for this NYC native to get our attention. Instantly de la Huerta was on our radar, and thats why she is making an appearence here as todays OHC (Obscure Hot Chick). She is not afraid to do nudity (another reason we love her!!!), just check Boardwalk Empire and her role as a nympho in a sex addiction group in the excellent movie Choke. Prior to Empire, she was more recognized for being that hot chick that dated guys like Orlando Bloom, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots and Jack Nicholson (really... wtf?). In 2011 she got 4 films on the horizon (Amsterdam, The Girls In Trouble, Night at the Opera, 30 Beats) and another season of Boardwalk Empire has already been approved, so de la Huerta days as an Obscure Hot Chick are sure to be numbered... she is looking forward to being a PHC (Popular Hot Chick). Enjoy the pics...

***Please click Read more below for more pics of Paz***


  1. She's SOOPER DOOPER hot in 'Boardwalk Empire'...sometimes her face looks like an old shoe in some of her photos though.

  2. I cant make up my mind on her... she got those model looks(not really pretty, not ugly) and looks great in some of her pics. think KMG is on to something with the brown bag method, cause the chicks body is banging... not really sure, but you will be seeing a ton of her soon!!!

  3. wow, you guys are classy. how do your faces stack up?

  4. Wow, you are a douchebag... how does your anonomity stack up? Identify yourself before you talk shit, troll.

    1. Right on Mr. Mike!!!
      And she is totally hotte. Whatta rack! You ca't really tell from pictures of her with clothes on, eh?