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October 20, 2010

Michael J Fox, Icon!!!

I fucking love Michael J Fox, and I have to admit that it hurts me to see him suffering from Parkinson's disease. Despite this debilitating condition, Fox continues to act and has had some great guest starring roles lately (he killed it opposite Dennis Leary on Rescue Me). But at last nights Spike Scream Awards, they did a excellent tribute to Back to the Future, which featured a speech for Marty McFly himself. Check it out:

Honestly, that was great. He thanked Chuck Berry and John DeLorean... great stuff. We here at CCD salute you Mr. Michael J Fox. From Alex P Keaton to Marty McFly, from Teen Wolf all the way through Spin City, you have and always will be the shit!!! Thanks for the memories and keep fighting the good fight against that disease that is robbing you from us.

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